What is a doula?

A doula is a skilful and experienced pregnancy and birthing coach, who supports new parents in a non-medical way during their pregnancy and child birth. Being pregnant and becoming a mum is a new stage of life, in which it can be difficult to find a new balance. It is new and sometimes confusing, emotional and exhausting. A doula can help you through the phases of pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mum in a convenient way!

From research and from practice it is proven that a doula is the effective way to help to have a natural birth and to reduce the risks of a C-section, epidural or an assisted child birth. To discuss your fears, wishes and expectations and to give a clear explanation, we investigate together what is necessary for you to get more self-confidence. And with that I help you to make good decisions with confidence and to have control over the process.


Doula Joyce is a certified member of the Dutch association for doula’s (NBvD). The NBvD stands for the quality and continuity of personal support of the pregnant woman and her partner.