What is a Doula?

A doula is a skilful and experienced pregnancy and birthing coach, who supports new parents in a non-medical way during their pregnancy and child birth. Being pregnant and becoming a mum is a new stage of life, in which it can be difficult to find a new balance. It is new and sometimes confusing, emotional and exhausting. A doula can help you through the phases of pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mum in a convenient way!

From research and from practice it is proven that a doula is the effective way to help to have a natural birth and to reduce the risks of a C-section, epidural or an assisted child birth. To discuss your fears, wishes and expectations and to give a clear explanation, we investigate together what is necessary for you to get more self-confidence. And with that I help you to make good decisions with confidence and to have control over the process.


Birth Preparation Course

Intake Consultation and Spinning Babies(TM):
At around 30 weeks of your pregnancy we will have a appointment in the comfort and privacy of your own home were we will discuss in more detail your expectations concerning the birth and your birth wishes.We also have a training session that will include exercises for the pregnancy and during birth. I will teach you the best exercises for a balanced, healthy body. It is also recommended that your partner is present and you can practise together.

Birthing Basics:
In the second session I will explain everything in detail to you and your partner about giving birth. You will also receive lots of practical tips and great exercises to help prepare your body for pregnancy and giving birth. I will also explain all you need to know about giving birth in the Netherlands.

Birth Plan:
I send you a form that you can use to outline your birth plan (personal preferences). During the third session I explain all of your options to help you construct the best possible birth plan incorporating your personal choices and preferences. During this session we also discuss the options when things go different then expected to be prepared in any case.


Doula Support During Birth

These services are for maternity care clients only

Birth Support
During labour I will support you by giving you the confidence and assurances needed in this process and in your own strength and abilities. I will support you in the choices that you and your partner make during pregnancy, during birth and post partum. I will offer physical, psychological and emotional support and can advise you in any situation that may arise.
I do not perform any medical assessments, as this falls under the responsibility of your midwife or doctor.

Also Support for C-section Clients:
On the day your C-section is planned, I will accompany you to call in and throughout the whole day to reduce the stress and make you feel comfortable and confident. During the waiting hours, I will give you a relaxing and soothing (foot) massage, prepare the “seeding” for your baby and guide you through the day. During the C-section pictures will be taken and I will arrange a quick reunion with your baby (if you happened to be seperated). I help you the first hours with breastfeeding, and anything you need to fully enjoy these first hours with your baby.