Birth Doula Nelleke

Time for change!
After 7 years of working as a maternity and birth doula, I find that the maternity part is closer to my heart. Unfortunately, (as I get older) the maternity part is hard to combine with working as a (birth)doula during childbirth. By coincidence, I got the opportunity to work together with Doula Nelleke. We turned out to have the same values and passion. This resulted in a great collaboration. We decided to further develop this working method, which resulted in a duo partnership. Doula Nelleke takes care of the pregnancy courses and guidance during childbirth. Where I take care of the maternity care afterwards. On January 1, 2024 this partnership will start.
Therefore I would like to introduce you to Doula Nelleke:

Hi, I’m Nelleke, very nice to meet you
As an experienced doula and birth coach, I am confident that you too can experience the birth of your child in a loving, powerful and positive way. It’s my passion to support you and your partner in this process, so you experience confidence and relaxation.

Do you want to make the birth of your baby into a beautiful, positive experience? You can do it!
With the right knowledge, tools and techniques you can give birth with great confidence. You (and your partner) will discover this in the down-to-earth birth preparation I offer, together with your partner. Realistic, well founded and with a touch of humor. In this way you maintain control and a positive mindset, so you are flexible with everything that comes your way during birth. Elements of Spinning Babies, HypnoBirthing, mindfulness and wonderful massages and Yoga Nidra sessions contribute to your mental and physical relaxation, balance and strength.

Contact me and let’s create your ideal birth preparation.

Warm regards,