How Do I Hire A Doula?
After you have had confirmation of your pregnancy and you are interested in hiring me as your doula, you can contact me directly to arrange an appointment for an informal “chat with Q&A’s”. You can explore if there is a connection and enough trust to continue together. It is also a good opportunity for me to learn a little more about your preferences and any concerns you may have regarding your pregnancy and birth. After our meeting you can then decide if you would like to proceed with my services.

Packages And Support
You can choose between separate support or a package. The Basic Package is the most cost effective with a good balanced composition of services. The most populair package The Luxurious Package include greater support. You can plan in this package a relaxing massage or a massage to induce contractions after the due date, or a moxa session when you baby is in breech. Supermums, without a partner, are advised to choose the Luxurious Package for these extra sessions (e.g. a midwife or hospital visit or doing exercises together).
The packages will give you all the tools you need to prepare yourself and to be confident with your pregnancy, giving birth and the post partum period.
The Last Minute Package is an ideal package for when you decide last minute you would like to have a doula at your side when giving birth f.i. when you are having a second baby. The packages, with the exception of the last minute package, have the following components:

Fixed Units In The Packages

At around 24-26 weeks of your pregnancy we will have a second appointment in the comfort and privacy of your own home were we will discuss in more detail your expectations concerning the birth and your birth wishes.

Birthing Basics:
At around 28-30 weeks of your pregnancy I will explain everything in detail to you and your partner about giving birth. You will also receive lots of practical tips and great exercises to help prepare your body for pregnancy and giving birth. I will also explain all you need to know about giving birth in the Netherlands.

Birth Plan:
At around 30-32 weeks I send you a form that you can use to outline your birth plan (personal preferences). During this session I explain all of your options to help you construct the best possible birth plan incorporating your personal choices and preferences.

Spinning Babies (TM):
At around 34-36 weeks, we will have a training session that will include exercises for the pregnancy and during birth. I will teach you the best exercises for a balanced, healthy body. It is also recommended that your partner is present and you can practise together.

Post Partum Prep:
At 38 weeks of your pregnancy I prepare you for the post partum period. In this meeting we will discuss what you can expect on the first night, medical care, ‘kraamzorg’ (maternity nurse), and contingency and backup plans. Also the physical and emotional changes that may effect you and/or your baby and recovery.

Unlimited Support by Telephone, Whatsapp or Email:
I can offer assistance to you from the second visit up until two weeks after the birth of your child by telephone. You can call me from 09:00 hrs. until 21:00 hrs. (9:00am – 9:00pm) for help or quick questions. You can also email me and I will reply at the first opportunity. Should there be a need for medical assistance, I will refer you to your midwife or gynaecologist.
Starting from week 38 through to week 42, I will be on call 24 hours/7 days a week and will be present at your labour within 1 hour (of being given notice).

Continued Support During Your Birth:
From previous experience, most women greatly appreciate help during the active labour phase. I will be present for your birth, the afterbirth and for your baby’s first feeding, to help offer assurance and assistente throughout the whole experience.

During The Post Partum Period:
I will visit you during the first week to discuss your birthing experiences. I shall keep a record of all the details and events during your birth and provide a short review as a keepsake.

Doula Support During Pregnancy

Moxa (between 33 and 36 weeks):
The use of a moxa stick (of Artemis Vulgaris, which is slow burning and warm) warms the skin and your pressure points. Its purpose is to encourage positive chi (life energy) flow throughout your body. If your baby is in a breech position, moxa can help encourage and promote movement in your pelvis. This movement will allow your baby to have more room and a better opportunity to right itself naturally into an optimal position. I will visit you and explain how to use the stick, let you experience the moxa for yourself and give you a moxa stick to try on yourself in the following days.

Back Massage:
The back massage is a combination of cupping, and a relaxing massage. Depending on how many weeks you are into the pregnancy, the cupping will either be on your whole back or on isolated areas. The idea of cupping is that suction stimulates the circulation of blood. After the cupping follows a relaxing massage with your back and pelvis also included.

Feet and leg massage:
The feet and leg massage focuses on swollen lower legs and feet. I will teach you and your partner the theory and techniques to take care of your feet and legs.

No contractions? (from 41 weeks and after your water has broken without contractions):
In this session acupressure will be combined with massage and cupping to help your body to induce contractions. It is nice to do the session before or after the sweeping of the membranes by your midwife.

Help To Nest (extensive post partum prep):
In addition to the information in the post partum preparation, I can help you with the practical part of the preparation. I can assist you with; packing the items you will need in your hospital bag, your diaper bag, helping with your baby’s bed, bathing, clothes and products. I teach you how to correctly make up the crib (cot) and pram, how to put the maxicosi into the car safely, and preparing your bed for taking in the amniotic fluid when the membranes rupture.

Extra Support:
I’m available for extra support during the pregnancy whenever needed. (e.g. visiting your midwife or gynaecologist with you or to offer extra support during contractions other than labour).

Doula Support During Birth (last minute)

During labour I will support you by giving you the confidence and assurances needed in this process and in your own strength and abilities. I will support you in the choices that you and your partner make during pregnancy, during birth and post partum. I will offer physical, psychological and emotional support and can advise you in any situation that may arise.
I do not perform any medical assessments, actions or to treat your medical conditions, as this falls under the responsibility of your midwife or doctor. This support is always in conjunction with a prior meeting (to discuss your birth plan) and a meeting during the post partum period (to review your birth).

Support for C-section:
On the day your C-section is planned, I will accompany you to call in and throughout the whole day to reduce the stress and make you feel comfortable and confident. During the waiting hours, I will give you a relaxing and soothing (foot) massage, prepare the “seeding” for your baby and guide you through the day. During the C-section pictures will be taken and I will arrange a quick reunion with your baby (if you happened to be seperated). I help you the first hours with breastfeeding, and anything you need to fully enjoy these first hours with your baby.

New! From January 2019: Maternity care!

More news soon!

Doula Support Postpartum & Infant Care- Package

The period of 6 weeks after your birth is the postpartum period. It’s an intense period and known as a transition period. It’s a period of physical changes: from being pregnant to your normal self and also the transition of your child from foetus to baby. These changes will influence your emotional wellbeing (due to the changing hormone levels). This makes, together with the lack of sleep, the period intense.

However, it’s also a magical period of new beginnings and learning to know each other. Feelings of happiness and being uncertain will alternate and can give an emotional rollercoaster. During this rocky period it is great to have a doula who can guide you, pamper you and teach you. The doula services are offered for day and night time! The night time support is for (minimal) 8 hours.

The doula services postpartum and infant care are meant to do all things which are necessary to let you relax and gain time to recover and strengthen yourself. After the maternity nurse left the doula care can take over until the moment you can take fully care of your baby. Also for parents with a premature baby this service is ideal to settle in your own home after the hospital period. The doula services postpartum and infant care are offered as a single day or night or in an attractive package.

Mix & Match Package:
The day and night support are combined into what you need to fully enjoy the wonderful time of being a new parent. Please call me for a personal tailor-made offer.

Other Support Postpartum

Breastfeeding education and support:
Together we investigate how we can optimize the breastfeeding. I give information on all kinds of techniques and how to prevent mastitis. I will refer to an ICBLC when necessary.

Belly binding:
Belly binding is a method to gain a quick recovery of your abdomen. During this session I will explain how belly binding is most effective, the do’s and the don’ts taking in account your condition and rebuilding of your current muscle strength.

Perineum pads and sitzbaths:
When you have ruptures or discomfort of the stitches then it’s ideal to recover as quickly as possible. During the session I prepare pads for daily use to reduce the pain. I prepare sitzbaths of herbs and educate you when and how to use it most effectively.

Mum & Baby Massage:
In this session you and your baby will enjoy a relaxing soothing massage. I will teach you how to massage your baby safely and will explain which products to use and the do’s and the don’ts. I will give you a relaxing full body massage combined with moxa and cupping.

Rebozo Closing Ritual (40 days after birth):
A rebozo closing ritual is usually given 40 days after you have given birth. The rebozo is the large piece of cloth a doula uses before and during labour for different massage-techniques. With this ritual you close your body and your mind and free yourself of any possible negative thoughts or feelings surrounding your birth. It’ll help you open up to the future and embrace your new life with more energy. The ritual will take 3 hours.