Immediately Post-Birth

The period of 6 weeks after your birth is called the postpartum period. It is an intense time and known as a “transition period”. It is a period of physical changes, altering from being pregnant to your regular pre-birth self as well as the transition of your child from being a fetus into a baby. These changes will influence your emotional wellbeing (due to the changing hormone levels). These changes, along with lack of sleep, contribute to make this period so intense.
However, it is also a magical time of new beginnings and getting to learn to know each other. Feelings of happiness and being uncertain will alternate and can give new mothers an emotional rollercoaster ride. It is hugely advantageous to have a doula/maternity nurse who can guide you, pamper you and teach you throughout this unsettled period.

Maternity Care

Doula Joyce Maternity care: Natural Care
Doula Joyce provides maternity care! What does that mean? Here in the Netherlands, we have maternity care for the first 8 days after the birth. Maternity care provides care and support along with offering sound instructions and information. The maternity nurse is there to create the optimal environment for the recovery of the new mum and to promote the integration of the baby into the family. I also assist the maternity nurse and/or the midwife during the birth.

How to Arrange Maternity Care?
You can contact me after the ultrasound to set the due date (around 10 weeks into pregnancy). We can arrange an appointment to introduce each other. Once you have signed the application form you have made a reservation for maternity care. Please check your insurance company maternity policy prior to our meeting.

I will contact you for an intake around the 34th week of your pregnancy. This meeting will last less than an hour. In this meeting, we start producing your care file in which we will describe the care you need and desire. We will also conduct a work conditions check and discuss procedures.

Natural Maternity Care and Assistance
When you are with your midwife, I will assist her during your birth. When you are under the care of the hospital you can contact me when you go home (24/7 availability).

My experience of being a doula has encouraged me to take as natural approach as possible and I prefer to work with natural products. I adjust my methods to your family, because it’s important for me that you have a good maternity period.
During the 8 days of maternity care, I will provide:
1) Medical checkups of mother and baby,
2) Assistance with (breast) feeding,
3) Provide education, instructions and assist the integration of your baby into your family,
4) Passing on information and wishes to the midwife, and then again at the end of the maternity care to your youth nurse (consultatiebureau),
5) Hygiene advice & care,
6) Reception and/or care of your family,
7) Basic household chores.

If you need extra support (after the official maternity care), then the doula support postpartum & infant care can be helpful.


Doula Support Postpartum & Infant Care

Extra support postpartum:
The doula services postpartum and infant starts when the maternity care ends. After the maternity care, the doula postpartum and infant care can then take over while you build the confidence to take full care of your baby yourself. Parents with a premature baby should consider this service as it is a perfect way to help settle back into your home after the hospital period. The doula services postpartum and infant care are offered either on an hourly basis or in an discount package.

Breastfeeding Education and Support:
Together we will investigate how we can optimise breastfeeding. I can provide information on a variety of techniques and how to prevent mastitis. I will refer you to an ICBLC at the appropriate time.

Belly Binding:
Belly binding is a method that promotes a quick recovery of your abdomen. During this session I will explain how belly binding is most effective, the “do’s and don’ts” taking in account your condition and rebuilding of your muscle strength.

Perineum Pads and Sitzbaths:
When you have ruptures or discomfort of the stitches, it is recommended to recover as quickly as possible. During the session I will prepare the pads for daily use to reduce pain. I will prepare sitzbaths of herbs and educate you when and how to use it most effectively.

Baby Massage:
I will teach you how to massage your baby safely and will explain which products to use.

Rebozo Closing Ritual (40 days after birth):
A rebozo closing ritual is usually given 40 days after you have given birth. The rebozo is the large piece of cloth a doula uses before and during labour for different massage-techniques. With this ritual you close your body and your mind and free yourself of any possible negative thoughts or feelings surrounding your birth. It will help you open up to the future and embrace your new life with more energy. The ritual will take 3 hours.